Live Events by Merkle Media

Live Streaming

Can you LIVE stream to my company’s platform or Page?

Yes. Our services are platform agnostic, meaning that we can live stream to any platform. Here are some examples of where our events typically stream to:

High Priority Events

High priority events like conferences, town halls, press events, etc stream to Global One, Showstream’s ultra reliable, embeddable, HD live video player.

Public Facing Events

Public facing events stream to unlimited pages, accounts and channels on Facebook Live, YouTube, Periscope, and, or any network that can receive an RTMP stream from an external source.

Interactive Meetings

Interactive meetings connect to a realtime platform such as Zoom or BlueJeans



Multi Channel Live Streaming

We enable brands that have audiences across various social media channels to send live content to unlimited platforms, pages and channels during a live event.

Viewer Analytics

Compare metrics across all of your event’s players with an aggregated viewer report, showing key insights including Unique Viewers, Average Minutes per Viewer. and Total Minutes Viewed for every network, player and platform.

Live Stream Trafficking

Long format events like conferences pre-schedule content, session by session, to various platforms and pages.

⚠️ A stream technician rate may be added to your event budget

What is Global One?


Enterprise Class Live Player for Events

Global One is Showstream’s ultra reliable, embeddable, globally available, HD live video player. Embedded on any web page, Global One puts the power of global HD video broadcast in the hands of our clients.

  • A dedicated player is created in advance of the event date. The player is fully customizable and free from the constraints of social media providers.

  • When the event begins, live HD content becomes available in the player, on any web page, on any device, anywhere in the world.

  • Any device that can view the page can also watch your live event in HDTV quality.

Cost Savings

Big data companies want you to believe that you need to sign an annual contract in order to support large global viewing audiences in a custom branded live player. This simply is not true.

Showstream’s Global One live player is used by the most influential international brands to stream live events to large and disparate audiences in HDTV quality.

What is Uplink?


Streaming Broadcast Reliability

We call our video encoders “Uplink” because we use dedicated premium devices operated by experienced live stream technicians who ensure the success of every Showstream event.

NYC hosted live events often have hundreds or thousands of viewers who are expecting to see content at a specific time. For this reason, we provide the highest level of streaming broadcast reliability that is possible.

Two Versions of Uplink

  1. Uplink Standard Equipment
    Requires Ethernet (hard wired) internet connection from venue or theater house

  2. Uplink Bonded 4G Equipment
    Uplink Bonded 4G utilizes all four major cellular networks in tandem to create an unbreakable live stream from any location.

Uplink Bonded 4G service may approach or exceed the service level of a satellite truck!

Showstream utilizes broadcast grade video encoders to connect high profile live events with large viewing audiences.

Showstream utilizes broadcast grade video encoders to connect high profile live events with large viewing audiences.

Traditional live TV broadcast crews utilize an “uplink truck” to ensure that live video signals are delivered to a receiving satellite or data center.

Traditional live TV broadcast crews utilize an “uplink truck” to ensure that live video signals are delivered to a receiving satellite or data center.


Video Production


Do you record events?

Yes. We record camera quality content to a local drive at every event.

Multi-Camera events are recorded to a single “line cut” or “program recording” video file that is deliverable immediately upon load-out. ISO camera recording is also available.

Do you offer post production and editing?

Yes. Here are some examples of post production services we provide:

  • Package and deliver individual conference sessions

  • Edit short clips for social media marketing

  • Event recap / highlight

Can you add graphics to a live production?

Yes. We often incorporate the following graphic elements into live video productions:

  • Lower Thirds

  • Bug / Logo / Hashtag

  • Countdowns

  • Hold Screens

  • Video playbacks

⚠️A graphics technician and workstation may be added to the production budget

Will live stream viewers be able to see the PowerPoint?

Yes. We incorporate the PowerPoint video feed into the live stream, cutting to a PowerPoint view, while the presenter speaks, as needed. We can also create a “picture in picture” view with the speaker’s live headshot beside the presentation.

Will live stream viewers be able to hear the microphones?

Yes. We incorporate stage audio systems with our video systems so that live stream viewers hear a crystal clear mix that sounds great on any device.

Do you rent video equipment?

No. We provide streaming services, crew, and equipment at daily rates, as part of a production package for NYC hosted live events.

Can you provide I-MAG Services?

Yes. Our live video production services can easily integrate with any stage display or video wall system.



How do you bill for your services?

We use a flexible system of daily rates to meet the needs of events of all sizes.

When you request a quote for your event date, we’ll provide a budget sheet that details the following categories of costs:

  • Live Streaming Services

  • Crew

  • Equipment

To accept your estimate and confirm our services for an event, a non refundable 50% deposit will be charged. The balance is due before the event date.

Do you accept credit cards?

Yes, we accept all major credit cards. As of spring 2019, we no longer charge a credit card fee.

Do you accept wire transfers?

Yes. We accept international and domestic wire transfers. Email for wire transfer details.

Are you insured?

Yes. We are fully insured as a provider of video services in New York City. If you are in need of a certificate, please email your request with a sample COI to

What is a drop dead date?

After the drop dead date, your estimate will no longer be valid unless a deposit has been paid.